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Lansdown Place are a nationally available firm of Independent Financial Advisors based in Bristol. We have specialists available in all of the mainstream areas of financial planning and can call in specialists in tax, property and legal services where required.

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We will guide you through the maze of the financial world and offer solutions that suit your personal circumstances. Whether it is a simple insurance plan to protect family and income, building an investment portfolio, or a complex Inheritance Tax issue, we can help.

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Financial planning for business encompasses everything from getting your commercial funding right, making sure the business is protected if any thing happens to your key players, looking after your staff benefits and providing for pensions.

Some additional costs for employers to consider

I read with interest today , what has been muted behind closed doors for some time now. Surprisingly some of the main stream pension providers are going to charge for access to their Auto Enrolment services.

We have seen that Legal &General are charging £1,000 for each new scheme they accept and now we see that Friends Life are talking about charging up to £15,000 for their offering for each scheme they accept.

Government wants regular Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme (QWPS) reviews

There has been so much happening recently that it has been hard to find the time to comment on the plethora of changes that have been coming our way. However this latest proposal caught my eye though and merited some comment I feel.

We have just seen a government proposal for pension transfers without advice, “pot follows member” the detail of which are yet to be seen and now we see a proposal to force employers to review and potentially switch their QWPS regularly to maintain a competitive edge.

Are providers really reaching capacity now that Auto Enrolment is really with us

We have been talking about providers reaching capacity now for some time and to date there has been little evidence of this either way from the big providers. None of them have launched significant marketing campaigns to grab large sections of the market and none have publicly put restrictions on the business they accept, although there is evidence that they are becoming ever more cautious about profitable schemes…until now.

Latest pension capacity concerns for employers auto enrolling

Please see below the latest in a long line of commentators who are concerned that employers will leave their Auto Enrolment planning too late and may face additional problems over and above the legislation itself.

A message that Lansdown Place have been sending for some time now is “even if your staging date is not for some time understand the magnitude of your own problem sooner rather than later!”

Governments latest enrolment figures since July 2012!

Well here we are now nearly ten months into the governments new Auto Enrolment regime and it would appear that nearly 84 employers with a total of 2 million employees have passed through the systems so far.

Early opt out statistics

Monday morning breaking news stories continue to provide yet more feedback from employers that have already gone through their Auto Enrolment Staging dates; we are beginning to get a useful picture of the experiences (good and bad) from the perspective of both employers and their employees.

Auto Enrolment has little to do with pensions it appears!

As I was travelling on the train yesterday I came across the quote below form one of the largest employers who have already had to deal with Auto Enrolment for their employees. We have read many stories about Asda and the Opt Out rates along with Morrissons and how they have worked hard on their communications strategy. We have also seen headlines detailing that Lloyds bank have spent nearly £1 Million on getting this project up and running so far.

Call centre capacity 2

You will remember that following our bout of snow I sent a note out about the levels of member engagement that the insurers and employers would be able to deal with should Auto Enrolment continue in the same way as it has started.

Since then I have seen any number of articles that tell us that not only would it appear that it is going to carry on but it may indeed increase!

Call Centre Capacity

As we all wake up to our Monday morning, snow not as fresh and clean as it was on Friday morning but still there. I am sure like many other I spent most of Friday working from home as my office was closed due to the weather.

Tips for Auto Enrolment from the people who have done it!

Well here we are in a nice bright shiny new year!

I do hope that everyone had had a good break and has returned to work refreshed and ready to go.

In reading the first set of press releases I came across this note on Auto Enrolment tips and thought that it might be useful for those who are due to embark on that journey this year or for your clients and contacts who are about to embark on this journey.