Rachel Hall & the Gambia Project with St. James’s Place team

After arriving at the Gambia location, our colleague Rachel Hall started her work on the #recycling centre and site sanitation projects with the team from St. James’s Place. She is also finding time to play with the local children and engage with the families. Amazing work Rachel!  #sustainable #charitable #goodcause #sjp

More about Rachel's story below...


  1. Rachel on site where they are building the plastic recycle centre
  2. Digging a soak away to aid sanitation on site
  3. Tools used to make floor tiles from the plastic bags
  4.  Where they warm the plastic bags to convert into bathroom floor tiles
  5. /6. Neighbours well 25m deep and how the families transport their water 

While main project is going ahead Rachel found time to also visit the local school and be with the local families and children

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