To arrange an initial, no-obligation
consultation please call our office on:
0117 370 9770
or email us at


To arrange an initial, no-obligation
consultation please call our office on: 01173709770 or email us at


Wealth, a personal matter

At Lansdown Place we want to get to know you. We want to share in your vision for a financially secure and aspirational future. And we want to help you, your family and your business, realise it.

Wealth management isn’t just about building a portfolio. It’s also about building personal, collaborative and enduring relationships. It’s about having an expert, financial partner you can trust.

At Lansdown Place we define ourselves by the needs of our clients. We blend pragmatism and front-line experience with the strength and support of one of the UK’s leading wealth management organisations, St. James’s Place Wealth Management.

We deliver individually tailored and robust financial planning supported by a comprehensive range of financial products and investment management services. We have the flexibility to meet any changing needs or circumstances you, your family or your business may face in the future.

You and your family

Whether you are thinking about financial security for your growing family, building a healthy income for retirement, or even planning to finance travel and adventures overseas – we can help.

Investment planning
Pension planning
Savings planning
Intergenerational wealth planning

Clients frequently ask:

  • What does it take to grow my wealth?
  • How can I protect my wealth in an uncertain market?
  • How can I make my wealth work for me in my retirement?
  • How can I best protect my family’s financial future?
  • When will I be able to retire?
  • How can you help with my inheritance tax planning?

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You and your business

As a business owner, finding the time and resources to keep abreast of the constantly evolving and complex world of financial planning, can prove a challenge – we can help.


Business protection
Tax efficiency
Succession planning

Business owners frequently ask:

  • How can my business thrive when emerging from the coronavirus lockdown?
  • How do I plan for the retirement of senior partners/directors?
  • How do I protect my business in the event of the death or illness of a key member of staff?
  • How do I create a business succession plan?

To find out more about our Business 360 service and to speak with our team please click here


Our values

Lansdown Place is built on four core values. These values shape the way we do business with our clients, our partners and each other. They help guide our decision making from the people we hire to the standard of service we deliver. They are the foundation for all that we do.

Integrity: Doing the right thing – always

Quality: The best customer service – always

Empathy: People first – always

Passion: Enthusiasm and positivity – always

Our corporate social responsibility: 
At Lansdown Place we take our corporate social responsibility seriously. Whenever we can, we like to identify specific local groups or charities to help change things for the better. We do this because we care about our local community and want to help wherever we can.

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